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Last Lap of the First Mile

I don’t think this weekend could have been more telling or bizarre in signs and achievements. Last weekend proved to be actually more productive that the week it followed. Let me explain… I was fortunate enough to established an initial relationship with a Dallas based fitness and health company that is just now coming into their own. They were looking to employ a marketing agency to help them with their website and other marketing efforts and as the laws of luck would have it (if there is such a thing), we just happen to be hanging out at the same social event. We have since extended our contact and the relationship has so far shown great promise.

Then there was the confirmation of our advertising and content delivery concept. After explaining the concept to a friend, they smirked and said “have you been watching TV lately?” At first, I didn’t know what to think, and since I had watched some TV, I responded with “a little I guess”. He then went on to tell me how he was watching TV and a very similar concept had been presented on a reality TV show. My initial feeling from that was, ouch!  However, as I thought about it more, it made me more zealous to move forward because not only did it confirm the prospects of the concept but it established a competitive base which as some of you know me, is an environment I thrive in.

So as we move forward into the last week of our first month in business, I have even more confidence in what we have set out to do. We have a few deals in the pipeline which we will soon close (God willing), and we are ready to take on the “big leagues”.

It is amazing to see how our years of experience and dedication to what we do, pay off in different ways. Unlike what a lot of people think in this society, reward does not always come from a pay check.


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Just put on the front door!

A lot has happened over the past few day. We attended a few networking events and have made some really good friends (business friends) and some potential prospects (yesss!!).  I made some significant progress on coding our ad engine (even though I am still a few days behind schedule on that).

Any big news? you may ask…well since you asked,  the corner6labs website is now live! The design is meant to reflect our overall mantra…Simplicity and Friendliness. We look forward to your comments on it. Check it out

corner6labs Website

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Lightning Bolt – Son of Zeus

I don’t know what give me goose bumps more, watching Usain Bolt run, knowing he hails from my home country or knowing that he even went to my high school. Today Usain Bolt set our tiny country a blaze again when he SMASHED his own world record set at Beijing, to run 9.58. Yes, I said nine-point-five-eight seconds down a 100 meter stretch of track.

Having been a sprinter myself in my glory days, I know how hard it is to run the 100 meter race. I might argue that the 100 and the 400 meter race is the hardest race in track, but so my long distance friends don’t crucify me, I will leave that debate for another day.

One of my gripes about Bolt in Beijing (ha.. I have a gripe about a guy that ran 9.69..thats funny right?) was not that Bolt let up 80 meters down the track , yes I was mad about that too, but that he didn’t get the kind of start a 100 meter runner should have. Being 6 feet 5, I can see how that is hard, but when you have the body control he has to go down a straight away with that much power, your start should not be a problem. No so in this race, Bolt, bolted out of the blocks as if been chased by a crazy Rastafarian down Half Way Tree blvd…and to make the pie even sweeter, he stayed low and separated from the pack just 30 meters into the race. WOW!… I love watching this guy run. Here is the race so you can see for yourself. ENJOY!!

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What’s cooking good looking?

So I missed doing a recap yesterday…and actually felt guilty about it. As if you care right? Well, it makes me feel better writing so deal with it. Today will be a short post but as another good friend of mine, Steve, advised…”Always write in your blog, no matter if you don’t feel like it, or if you don’t think you have anything worth saying. People care”. Thanks Steve.

As I mentioned in the post yesterday, I was going to work on the HTML for the corner6labs website…I kept that promise. The site isn’t live yet because we are doing a little content tweaking. I am also going to add a few images here and there to liven it up a bit, but for the most part it’s done.

With the website out of the way…almost, Jose and I set out to do a more detailed definition of features for our advertising engine (hint). We made alot of progress, even going so far as creating algorithms to solve problems that will arise based on certain limitations we will face. See what I did there…I used the word “algorithm”…be you didn’t see that coming.

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How to prevent child view modules from executing outside a parent view

Long before the days of everyone preaching MVC…MVC, and before I became obsessed with the Zend Framework I use to actually implement a form of MVC in my PHP applications. PHP programmers use to refer to it as templating. One thing that always came up while templating was how to prevent child view templates modules (such as forms) from executing outside of parent views. One technique I employed was to use the PHP define() method to “define” a “passport” CONSTANT variable in my main view file or in the global config file. I would then use the defined() method in child view modules to check if the passport variable existed. here is an example:


If you have defined your config settings withing a class, you can use the “const” keyword

Then you can check for the constant in your child view files like this:

if(!defined("APPLICATION_NAME")){ exit("invalid view setup"); }

Its is a very simple test but it has proved to be effective time and time again.

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Look Mom..I got a tattoo!

I didn’t get a tattoo… corner6 did.  It’s amazing what you find out you can do when you have no other options. With that said, I took it upon myself to design the new logo for corner6… not being a graphic design by trade, I must say… I don’t think it turned out too bad. I took a page from a designer buddy of mine and actually drew it out on paper first and then translated it digitally…thanks Tad. Here it is… not yet in color.

Corner6labs black logo

Other than this… The comps for the new corner6labs website is all done. HTML work tomorrow. Should be fun.

Jose started a profiling campaign that is going awesome so far.


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Week 2 Day 2 – corner6labs

Whoa… I have gained new respect for those people who have started their own business from scratch and have been successful. The planning process has been life draining so far. Today we started talking about our strategy to go to market (look at me wearing a different hat). We came up with some good ideas but obviously need to refine them. We decided today that we will try not to over-think or over-complicate things, because when those ideas come rolling out… they gain momentum faster than what we can probably deliver. So we concentrated on setting realistic expectations on what we can accomplish in the next month… or so, which is when the beta of our first technology product comes out.

We also met with a graphic designer to start talking seriously about getting our branding in place. I am pretty excited about that.

At the end of this week we are hoping to give everyone a good description of what we are taking to market and describe the roadmap in more details. Please stay tuned for that.

Over the next few days I will also be diving down into the techie stuff. During the development phase I will be posting a lot of my code here and will even open source some of the components. I am going to concentrate on a completely modular design for the applications so folks will be able to use bits and pieces of the application as they see fit.

My name is Dwamian Mcleish, and I am one half of a dedicated business duo…

P.S. I went and got this laptop as a test machine for the prototype of one our technology products. I got it home, opened the box, only to find it was PINK… We thought it was funny… kept it… name her “Daisy”



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Hicu First Week Recap

So as you can see we chose a name Corner6 and HicU (more details later) will be our first product. Names that hopefully will become familiar to a lot of people very soon :). For those of you who don’t know me. My name is Dwamian Mcleish. I am a recent ex-employee of one of the best Human Capital marketing companies on the planet, Starr Tincup. No joke…they really are the best. Working at “ST” was fun and all, but I always felt like I was destined to be an entrepreneur, or at least die trying to be one. Well, four weeks ago another ST employee and I, Jose Guerra, decided to branch off on our own and start our own business. We didn’t really know what the branch was, but we knew it was nothing a combined 30 man years of experience in marketing and programming couldn’t help us define.

Last Monday was our first day. The day began with a lot of uncertainty, simply because we only had a general idea of what we wanted to be, but not really how we would go about being that. To make a very long story and week short… it was probably one of the most exciting, tiring, and productive weeks I have ever had. There are still details to be worked out, but we now have clear direction. I bet you are reading ahead trying to figure out what exactly it is we will do right?… All I can say right now is that we are in the business of advertising and marketing (shocking I know) supported by today’s most depended upon technologies. I am very excited to start getting my hands dirty with code for our supporting technologies.

We decided to blog about our journey so that others can see our struggles, our accomplishment, or passion, our failures and our successes, along with all the pictures and videos we can post. We do not yet have any branding so we will add those things as we go along. Hi I am Dwamian Mcleish…and I am one half of hopefully a successful company, Corner6 Labs

We are now into week two.

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