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So I just came back from an event that TCU hosted on the subject of online social media marketing. It got me really excited about the business model of corner6labs because it is becoming more and more evident that the needs centered around clearing up this social media marketing debacle, are getting larger by the day (or I like to say…that was just stupid). Anyway, I am finding that more and more companies are using and abusing the primary intent of the online social movement (like we did when we first started corner6labs) and is looking for help to decipher all the crap they keep hearing on how to leverage the platform to their advantage. Shame on anyone for missing it, but in the interest of my daily good deed, here is sorta how it went down.

There were speakers from several powerhouse companies such as Mike Volpe from Hubspot (one of my favorites by the way), Wade Burgess from LinkedIn, Erik Johnson from Saber Holding’s Cubeless Networks, and Will Pinnell from Handango. The field was rounded off by highly respected social media marketing  gurus such as Laura Fitton who is the author of “Twitter For Dummies” and Paul Dunay, Author of “Facebook Marketing for Dummies”.

The speakers gave general advice on how to approach social media as a company, except for the LinkedIn guy, who was mainly raging about how awesome LinkedIn was (I guess I can’t blame him, it –  is –  awesome). There was also a panel discussion where the speakers got to answer questions from he audience.

So what?… well, I highly recommend you look one of these conferences up and check it out ASAP, because if you are just entering the social media marketing scene, then you will attain great insight young grasshopper. Or, if you want to hear us wax poetic on our knowledge around the transformation of corporate social media involvement, and why it’s relevant and important? then drop us a line.

Now let’s have a discussion shall we?…Shoot me an email, or just drop a comment on how do you see social media transforming the landscape of product and service consumption, now, and in the future?


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Fitness Gone Mental

After a great meeting with a prospect today in Dallas, I was invited and had a chance to go work out with the guys over at the Fitness Combine in Cedar Hill. These guys may have something here. The combine/bootcamp is run by Troy & Brad who  have so many accreditations, I can’t list them all. In fact, Troy who is the primary instructor played national arena football and is a nationally recognized, certified,  fitness instructor.  Send Brad an email and he can tell you all about the dynamic duo.

I have been to a few fitness “bootcamps” but none quite like this. It would be good enough for some people to go get a work out, or maybe even a tip here and there about their nutrition. Expect more than that when you go to the combine. Brad and Troy administers a holistic approach to your workout. They start with a word of the day, today’s word was “Change”. “Change only comes to those who want it”, said Troy, “Change your attitude, change your image, change your lifestyle”…words that stared you deep in the eyes. Troy goes into a 300-esk speech that lacked only the words “This is Sparta!”…and thus the workout commenced.

In the middle of what was a pretty rigorous workout, where I was seconds away from calling “Earl”, Troy preached self affirmation techniques that not only made the workout feel easier, it also built focus on each movement to produce a goal. They atmosphere harbored a sense of unity amongst the participants, and even though I was huffing and puffing, at the end of it all, I still felt pretty darn refreshed.

If you are the in Dallas / Fort worth / Cedar Hill / Arlington / Grand Prairie / Duncanville, area, check them out. You will be glad you did.

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Lightning Bolt – Son of Zeus

I don’t know what give me goose bumps more, watching Usain Bolt run, knowing he hails from my home country or knowing that he even went to my high school. Today Usain Bolt set our tiny country a blaze again when he SMASHED his own world record set at Beijing, to run 9.58. Yes, I said nine-point-five-eight seconds down a 100 meter stretch of track.

Having been a sprinter myself in my glory days, I know how hard it is to run the 100 meter race. I might argue that the 100 and the 400 meter race is the hardest race in track, but so my long distance friends don’t crucify me, I will leave that debate for another day.

One of my gripes about Bolt in Beijing (ha.. I have a gripe about a guy that ran 9.69..thats funny right?) was not that Bolt let up 80 meters down the track , yes I was mad about that too, but that he didn’t get the kind of start a 100 meter runner should have. Being 6 feet 5, I can see how that is hard, but when you have the body control he has to go down a straight away with that much power, your start should not be a problem. No so in this race, Bolt, bolted out of the blocks as if been chased by a crazy Rastafarian down Half Way Tree blvd…and to make the pie even sweeter, he stayed low and separated from the pack just 30 meters into the race. WOW!… I love watching this guy run. Here is the race so you can see for yourself. ENJOY!!

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