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5 Ways That Helps Me Be More Efficient With Planning – #2 – Scenario Planning

It’s been a while. I know you missed me. Quick update… Since we last spoke, we (corner6labs) closed our first deal and is now working hard to provide quality service to our new client. Things are going really well so far.  We have some awsome stuff in the pipeline (IMO) and I am really excited to see them come to fruition.

Now back to the matter at hand. In my last post, I started talking about a topic that seems to get the better of people on a daily basis, planning.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not professing that I am the dilai lama when it comes to planning, but I have picked up a few tricks here and there over the years (as a side note, I am quickly approaching my 31st birthday as of this writing….scary stuff). I must admit that from a programmers perspective and with the fast adoptions of methodologies such as “Agile Development“, my planning techniques have been tweeked here are there, and though this series is not particualary specific to application devlopment planning, the underlying concepts remained the same. I think this is a good time to introduce todays tip:

Scenario Planning

When planning, you should always develop outcomes or scenarios. This means that you have to ask yourself, whats the best that can happen?, whats the worst that can happen? and even some things in between. Many skeptics think this is an indicator of paranoia, but ask yourself, shouldn’t you be a little paranoid if what you are planning for is important?

If you borrow from the logical IF…ELSE operators in most programming languages, creating scenarios using this form will prove invaluable in the future. Think in outcomes and steps. What are the possible outcomes of my mission? IF everything doesn’t go right, THEN, How can I adjust? Write them down in short note form.

Now, I know you can’t possibly plan every scenario, but having an idea of how you will react to an outcome will make it easier to adapt and achieve a graceful outcome. Having these scenarios in mind, and outlining the steps to achieve what you want to achieve, will result in a critical part of any mission (desired outcome), your tactics.


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