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5 Ways That Helps Me Be More Efficient With Planning – Number 1 – Map it out!

Since we are brand new entrepreneurs, we find ourselves in a constant state of planning. So it shouldn’t be a mystery that we have had to find ways to plan more efficiently.  I found five neat and simple ways that have been helping me, and I wanted to share them by doing a series on the subject.

Number 1 – Map It Out!…Mind-Map that is

You may have already heard of the term “Mind Mapping” but have never explored it.  According to Wikipedia,  “A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea“. There have been times that I have used some form of mind mapping technique, but I recently discovered a set of methodologies and free tools related to the subject.

Mind Mapping helps you organize your thoughts into a very powerful visual representation of a central idea. You start with a central keyword or phrase and branch out to related items for that keyword.

As a developer, the concept of mind mapping followed nicely with the way I have always done the preliminary architecture of an application, or even how I approach Object Oriented Programming through class definition. In fact, I recently applied the mind mapping technique while ideating (I term I first heard on an IBM commercial) classes for an application I am building. By focusing on one class, and one class only per map, you can derive the functionality you need to encapsulate within that class. From there, it was pretty easy to know the methods required to make the class work.

With the use of dedicated mind-mapping software, I was able to use the fact that I am a visual person, which for me, translated into more efficient planning sessions.

Here are some of the other reasons I like software based mind-mapping

  1. I can ideate visually
  2. Easy to learn
  3. You can personalize them
  4. Digital format for easy archiving and retrieval

There are many uses of mind maps, and when used properly can turn you into a mean planning machine.

Do you have comments on ways to be more efficient with planning? Drop me a comment. Let me know


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