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After a great meeting with a prospect today in Dallas, I was invited and had a chance to go work out with the guys over at the Fitness Combine in Cedar Hill. These guys may have something here. The combine/bootcamp is run by Troy & Brad who  have so many accreditations, I can’t list them all. In fact, Troy who is the primary instructor played national arena football and is a nationally recognized, certified,  fitness instructor.  Send Brad an email and he can tell you all about the dynamic duo.

I have been to a few fitness “bootcamps” but none quite like this. It would be good enough for some people to go get a work out, or maybe even a tip here and there about their nutrition. Expect more than that when you go to the combine. Brad and Troy administers a holistic approach to your workout. They start with a word of the day, today’s word was “Change”. “Change only comes to those who want it”, said Troy, “Change your attitude, change your image, change your lifestyle”…words that stared you deep in the eyes. Troy goes into a 300-esk speech that lacked only the words “This is Sparta!”…and thus the workout commenced.

In the middle of what was a pretty rigorous workout, where I was seconds away from calling “Earl”, Troy preached self affirmation techniques that not only made the workout feel easier, it also built focus on each movement to produce a goal. They atmosphere harbored a sense of unity amongst the participants, and even though I was huffing and puffing, at the end of it all, I still felt pretty darn refreshed.

If you are the in Dallas / Fort worth / Cedar Hill / Arlington / Grand Prairie / Duncanville, area, check them out. You will be glad you did.


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