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Last Lap of the First Mile

I don’t think this weekend could have been more telling or bizarre in signs and achievements. Last weekend proved to be actually more productive that the week it followed. Let me explain… I was fortunate enough to established an initial relationship with a Dallas based fitness and health company that is just now coming into their own. They were looking to employ a marketing agency to help them with their website and other marketing efforts and as the laws of luck would have it (if there is such a thing), we just happen to be hanging out at the same social event. We have since extended our contact and the relationship has so far shown great promise.

Then there was the confirmation of our advertising and content delivery concept. After explaining the concept to a friend, they smirked and said “have you been watching TV lately?” At first, I didn’t know what to think, and since I had watched some TV, I responded with “a little I guess”. He then went on to tell me how he was watching TV and a very similar concept had been presented on a reality TV show. My initial feeling from that was, ouch!  However, as I thought about it more, it made me more zealous to move forward because not only did it confirm the prospects of the concept but it established a competitive base which as some of you know me, is an environment I thrive in.

So as we move forward into the last week of our first month in business, I have even more confidence in what we have set out to do. We have a few deals in the pipeline which we will soon close (God willing), and we are ready to take on the “big leagues”.

It is amazing to see how our years of experience and dedication to what we do, pay off in different ways. Unlike what a lot of people think in this society, reward does not always come from a pay check.


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