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Lightning Bolt – Son of Zeus

I don’t know what give me goose bumps more, watching Usain Bolt run, knowing he hails from my home country or knowing that he even went to my high school. Today Usain Bolt set our tiny country a blaze again when he SMASHED his own world record set at Beijing, to run 9.58. Yes, I said nine-point-five-eight seconds down a 100 meter stretch of track.

Having been a sprinter myself in my glory days, I know how hard it is to run the 100 meter race. I might argue that the 100 and the 400 meter race is the hardest race in track, but so my long distance friends don’t crucify me, I will leave that debate for another day.

One of my gripes about Bolt in Beijing (ha.. I have a gripe about a guy that ran 9.69..thats funny right?) was not that Bolt let up 80 meters down the track , yes I was mad about that too, but that he didn’t get the kind of start a 100 meter runner should have. Being 6 feet 5, I can see how that is hard, but when you have the body control he has to go down a straight away with that much power, your start should not be a problem. No so in this race, Bolt, bolted out of the blocks as if been chased by a crazy Rastafarian down Half Way Tree blvd…and to make the pie even sweeter, he stayed low and separated from the pack just 30 meters into the race. WOW!… I love watching this guy run. Here is the race so you can see for yourself. ENJOY!!


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