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Week 2 Day 2 – corner6labs

Whoa… I have gained new respect for those people who have started their own business from scratch and have been successful. The planning process has been life draining so far. Today we started talking about our strategy to go to market (look at me wearing a different hat). We came up with some good ideas but obviously need to refine them. We decided today that we will try not to over-think or over-complicate things, because when those ideas come rolling out… they gain momentum faster than what we can probably deliver. So we concentrated on setting realistic expectations on what we can accomplish in the next month… or so, which is when the beta of our first technology product comes out.

We also met with a graphic designer to start talking seriously about getting our branding in place. I am pretty excited about that.

At the end of this week we are hoping to give everyone a good description of what we are taking to market and describe the roadmap in more details. Please stay tuned for that.

Over the next few days I will also be diving down into the techie stuff. During the development phase I will be posting a lot of my code here and will even open source some of the components. I am going to concentrate on a completely modular design for the applications so folks will be able to use bits and pieces of the application as they see fit.

My name is Dwamian Mcleish, and I am one half of a dedicated business duo…

P.S. I went and got this laptop as a test machine for the prototype of one our technology products. I got it home, opened the box, only to find it was PINK… We thought it was funny… kept it… name her “Daisy”




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